Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

The most complete compliance software on the market

Advantages of implementing compliance software in your Organization

  • Avoid criminal convictions to the legal person
  • Generates greater reputation and competitiveness in the markets
  • Avoid internal fraud
  • Contributes to equality in the Organization
  • Internal control
  • Generates a safe work environment

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Training and information

We have training courses for partners and organizations, helping at all times to take advantage of the full potential of the software

The software performs Situation Reports and Risk Prevention Manual

The compliance officer can generate reports automatically with our software.

Main Features

Here are the most remarkable features of our software

We comply with the rules

icloudCompliance is based on ISO 37001 and ISO 19600. The software complies with all the points of the regulations.


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If you are a compliance specialist, or you belong to an Organization with internal compliance department, our software adapts to your requirements.